Grateful Sunday|What Lies Beyond Fear

Just a positive message for your day, from a blog I really like. Don’t let fear of failure keep you from chasing your dreams.

If you let go of your fear long enough to get started, you can start a positive feedback loop of achievement and confidence!

The Richness of a Simple Life

This week I’m grateful for the right words at the right time. I recently read a comment on a YouTube video that wasn’t intended for me but empowered me just the same. The commenter said that if someonehas a positive and important message to spread, it doesn’t matter if they received a degree for it or not.

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Adjusting expectations (Yesterday’s run)

Yesterday’s run was a little disheartening. It was the second time I was shooting to run 2 minute intervals, and I thought it would happen this time because the gale force winds in my town have finally subsided. Unfortunately, that just wasn’t in the cards.

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How my journey started

As you can probably tell by my first few posts, I’ve never really been the athletic type. In high school I spent most of my free time either reading or playing on the computer. Gym class had always been a nightmare.

I tried to get more into fitness in college, since the price of the membership to my university’s gym was built into my tuition anyway. I actually did pretty well for a while. At least three days a week I’d hit the treadmill and the weights, until I was actually able to jog a mile straight. That was huge for me, and it was something I was really proud of.

Unfortunately life decided to throw me another curve ball, and that year I had my first episode of tachycardia mixed with atrial flutter.

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My unexpected (and windy) adventure

We’ve been having some very odd but very beautiful weather lately, and today was warmer than it’s been in months! Since I had some time off of work  I decided to go on a longer run / walk. I was shooting for around an hour, and hoping that this time I’d be able to increase the length of my running intervals to 2 minutes.

Unfortunately for me, the wind had other plans. After about 5 minutes outside it was pretty clear I’d have to change up my normal path if I was going to get anything done. My typical route had me running straight into some pretty strong wind, and for my first few running intervals I was barely able to break 45 seconds! Ugh.

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