I Quit My Job!

Whew, boy. What a relief! Well, kinda.

As some of you may know, I’m in graduate school. I’m in the final semester of my Master’s degree which means I’m completing the required clinical internships before I graduate in May. So far, things have been very demanding because I’ve been working a full-time job, studying, completing assignments, and then trying to work about 20 hours a week at my internship on top of all of that.

Towards the end of last semester I finally admitted to myself that it wasn’t working. I was way behind on my internship hours, unable to research interventions properly for my clients, and I was starting to perform poorly at work due to organizational changes and my own fatigue. What was worse, I realized that if I kept collecting hours at a snail’s pace, there was no way I was going to graduate.

My degree requires me to get 600 hours of internship completed before May. By the end of December, I was just shy of 200 hours, leaving me with 400 hours left to complete in the Spring. Yeah, not going to happen with a full time job. Honestly, it was a hard decision. Mostly because of money. So far I’ve managed to pay for my school completely out of pocket without loans – something I’m extremely proud of. How would I be able to pay if I quit my job? I calculated the interest I’d accumulate of a $5,000 over 5 months. SHEESH – thousands of dollars of interest just for one semester.

(To those of you who have student loans, I’m so sorry!! I had absolutely no idea you were paying that much!! JESUS CHRIST.)

The other thing that I was WAY more worried about was my health insurance. My job pays most of my insurance premium, and I get pretty good coverage since I work at a University. How in the hell was I going to give that up?? Well, I decided to go for the most expensive marketplace plan I could afford (which isn’t too bad, considering I got some credit towards my premium. Even WITH a job I qualify as poor, haha.) My plan is to pay for the marketplace plan and pray to whatever deity will listen that I don’t have a heart attack until I’m employed again.

So yeah, I’ve been going about 30 hours a week at my internship and taking my final class at school, and it’s been AWESOME. I’m so less tired and grumpy than I was just two weeks ago.

Not to mention I now have more time for self-care and hobbies, like making some more awesome sobriety stickers!

Anyway, I hope everyone out there is having a lovely day. I hope to write more meaningful blog posts soon!

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