How to Foster Better Concentration with this Daily Checklist

Have you ever felt like your mind was running 1 million miles per minute? Like your thoughts are hopping from one topic to another so fast that you can’t just stop and focus on one thing for 5 minutes?

Hey, join the club!

I don’t know if it’s my smartphone, my work (which requires constant task-switching on my computer, 10 hours a day), the never-ending school to-do-list, or just my own derpiness, but I’ve noticed that it has been super hard to sit down and concentrate for a few years now. I sit down to do one thing, forget what I was doing, and before I know it I’m off starting a different task while the last one is left unfinished.

If this is you, then I encourage you to join me in a 1 week beginner’s challenge that I’ve made for myself. This challenge is designed to improve my own concentration, discipline, and attention span, little by little. It’s a conglomeration of research findings and other tips I’ve found while searching both the scientific literature and common-sense articles. During this 1 week trial I’m hoping to give my new plan a spin and see if there’s a noticeable difference in my ability to pay attention, pay attention for a longer period of time, and actually feel mentally clear for once.

So, here’s my new daily checklist that I’m challenging myself to follow for 7 days straight. I’ll give references at the bottom, in case you’re interested in where I found these research-backed pieces of advice.

Every day I’ll write an update for you guys to tell you if it’s working, how foggy I feel that day, and whether or not the fog is lifting due to these tasks!

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3 thoughts on “How to Foster Better Concentration with this Daily Checklist

  1. A great list of ideas. I could use work on all of them. Daily journaling is my newest habit and I love it. I was reading up on the harms of multitasking recently so that has got to go and should get me more productive so I have time to read. I was trying to improve too much too fast before so now tackling one at a time with consistency to really adapt and reap benefit.


    1. How long have you been journaling? I’ve heard a lot about the benefits but I haven’t had time to read more personal stories about how it helps people. The hard one for me would be not multitasking, haha.


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