I’m learning how to use Etsy… And improving my mental health.

Okay. So I used to have an Etsy shop years ago, when I had cancer and had literally nothing else to do besides make crafts. It didn’t do so well then due to (what I’m guessing) was a lack of marketing, a lack of market research, and a complete lack of ability to take a halfway-decent picture of the physical products I was selling.

Back then, I was selling homemade greeting cards and hand-knit gloves, hats, and scarves. I have to admit that none of them were that great, although they were definitely creative. This time around, since I’m almost always on the go, I’m giving digital items a shot. With all the stress and studying it’s actually been pretty relaxing to be able to sit down at the end of a day and just screw around with my iPad – doodling here and there, furiously swiping my apple pencil around the screen and seeing what pops out. I haven’t exactly made pretty, happy little trees like Bob Ross.

But what I have made have turned out to be some pretty cool planner stickers and pages, so I figured at .20 a listing, why not plop them on Etsy? Trying to have a kind of passive income has been a little goal of mine for a few years now, so I figured I’d give it a shot. Besides, they say you should have a hobby that can make you a little money, right?

One of the themes I want to use in my stickers and planners is wellness and mental health. I plan to try and make all sorts of practical stickers and layouts that will help me (and others) manage their mental health, stress, emotions, and thoughts. Are there any stickers, inserts, or layout ideas that you’d like me to make?

Also, as an aside, check out my newest listing on my Etsy shop! (My third listing so far! I’m on such a roll, haha).


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