Coming Back to Writing

Pink flower with green leaves as background.
Pink flower in summer

Well, almost 3 years after I started this blog I’m back and ready to start things fresh.

A lot had happened in those 2-3 years, most of which I’ll probably mention at some point in the future. It’s amazing how much hard learning one can do in such a short amount of time. Around the time of my last post I was starting my first semester of graduate school, moving to a different state to live with my new husband, raising two brand new kittens, searching for a new job, and just trying to keep everything together in the midst of all the change.

Nowadays I’m working 60-hour weeks, desperately trying to complete my internship while keeping my full-time job. I’m a semester and a half away from graduating with a Master’s in Clinical Mental Health. I feel half-dead some days, and truly motivated and inspired by my job the next. Although I was so afraid to start my internship I find now that it’s my time there that gives me the most fulfillment, the most meaning, and the most connection with the counselors I work with. The clients are truly inspiring as well – they work hard every single day to do better for themselves and their families, just like I do.

So. Why would I start a blog with this crazy-ass work schedule? Why add one more thing to my to-do list? Why throw my personal thoughts out there to be read, criticized, scrutinized, ignored, or admired?

Honestly? I like sharing with people. I have a hodge-podge of interests, hobbies, work-related and school-related thoughts, and other random bits of art and writing that people may find interesting. I’m by no means The Most Interesting Man in the World (TM), but I’ve had a unique life. I’ve had some unique experiences even in the last few years, and if one or two people out there appreciate what I throw into the webiverse then that’s enough for me. I want to be present. Heard. And hell, it’s 2019. Doesn’t everyone have a blog now?

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