Red faced, fast pace

Woohoo! Today the average pace of my whole session was about a minute less than normal!

I went 2.84 miles in 47:40 minutes, for an average pace of 16’45”. 

I think there’s a couple things that helped me do this. First of all, for the first time I actually RAN at full blast for a couple intervals after warming up. I wasn’t able to sustain that for 1:30 like I normally aim for, so I tried to compensate by reducing my recovery time in between. Most of the time I let myself fully (or almost fully) recover before speeding up again. This time I started up running again before my heart rate and breathing slowed down too much.

Even when I slowed my pace to my usual jogging intensity, I wasn’t able to reach 1:30 intervals too often, which I’m okay with for now. I think I might stick to decreased recovery times and see if that helps me increase my overall endurance.

There was also one fast burst that might have factored in – when I was running along a fence, there was a huge fog that suddenly threw itself against the fence and scared the bejeezus out of me! So that’s definitely one way to get me to run faster!

If only he’d been this little guy!

Luckily I was listening to the sweet, sweet sound of Neil Degrasse Tyson on StarTalk radio, and that helped me recover pretty quickly. 🙂 If you haven’t heard his podcast about the science of exercise and nutrition, check it out! It makes me feel like I’m learning on the run.

Normally I never look too strained after my runs, but this time when I got home and pulled off my hat my face was as red as a cherry! It added that extra oomph to my accomplishment knowing that I looked the part.

This givese real confidence that I can slowly increase my pace! It’s a rest day tomorrow, and then I’ll see what I can do on Thursday.

Image is creative commons, taken by David Shankbone.

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