Adjusting expectations (Yesterday’s run)

Yesterday’s run was a little disheartening. It was the second time I was shooting to run 2 minute intervals, and I thought it would happen this time because the gale force winds in my town have finally subsided. Unfortunately, that just wasn’t in the cards.

The most I could manage was 1:30, 1:40 max of straight jogging before I was completely winded, and for the first few tries it was so frustrating! But then I took a minute to reflect on what I’ve done so far. In all honesty, I haven’t really put in enough practice at 1 minute or 1:30 intervals to be able to reach 2 minutes yet. I was doing what I always do (in all areas of my life) and I was setting the bar too high for where I’m at.


On the one hand, I was a little discouraged. On the other hand, this is EXACTLY the reason running is so good for me. This new fitness thing is such a good reflection of how I approach other things in my life. There’s this pattern that I need to break – one that starts with hope and ambition, and goals that are a little too high. I work for a while and expect myself to achieve something great in a small amount of time, and of course when that doesn’t happen I get so discouraged. Never mind that I might have made great progress, and maybe achieved something along the way. No, it’s always hard to recognize that. In the past I’ve tended to focus only on what I’ve done wrong, and with running I want to change all that.

Luckily, running is the perfect thing to do just that. I can’t push myself beyond my limits for very long. It’s just too obvious that I’m struggling physically, and so that forces me to stop, re-evaluate and recalculate. And when I’m done, I’m always surprised at how far I ran that day. It’s something that’s a little easier to be proud of, even when I didn’t hit the pace I wanted.

So here’s to another run down (in freezing cold weather no less!), and hopefully a valuable lesson was reinforced here.

Start small, grow slow. You’ll get there eventually.

Yesterday’s run: 48:52 minutes, 2.73 miles, 17’58” pace.

2 thoughts on “Adjusting expectations (Yesterday’s run)

  1. Hi. i just read a bit about your story, and it sounds like you have been through some difficult times! I think you are an inspiration! I love running, and it is something that helps me, especially when I am stressed. Make sure you congratulate yourself after each run, for making the effort. I know how it can be when you sent the limits to high. Don’t let this get you down -.Just keep doing what you’re doing – get out there, breathe the fresh air and enjoy it! You will find that your body will be able to gradually do a little more every time – this isn’t a runners myth 😉 Take care and happy running!


    1. Thank you for your kind comments! I agree, running is great for stress. I feel like I was let in on a huge secret when I actually started implementing it!
      I’ve read a bit of your blog and I love that you’re so positive. You keep up the good work as well!

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